JKalaniArtistry Abstract Art

Colorful Abstract Paintings

The artwork of JKalani features bright colors and bold strokes.  Her style is constantly evolving and incorporating new techniques and always reflects the events which are happening around her. JKalaniArtistry features a few painting styles that incorporate a graffiti feel, which is her current favorite!  

All of my paintings are signed, dated, and named on the back.  The Punk Bar Wall Graffiti paintings are also signed on the front right corner.  All paintings are also wired and ready to hang!

I was not good at coming up with clever or deep, meaningful names for my paintings, so I decided to give them regular for people!  Since I am an English major I thought I would have fun with the names and invent little stories or personalities to go with them!  So you will see little tidbits by each painting that gives it some personality!!  Hope you enjoy them!

Shipping is FREE in the USA.  Anyone else just let me know which painting and where you are, and I will let you know IF there will be any extra shipping charge.  I will ship ASAP after your payment has processed, which can take from 2 - 5 days. 

Thanks for stopping by!  :)

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